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This page was last updated on 09/06/2016

OCTOBER 1 @ Cosmopolitan


I've been promising to update this site with some new mixes, so here you go....  These are all recorded live at Rebar in Cosmopolitan on various dates from August to the present.  These recordings were all recorded in the early part of the night.


August 18 2016-CoryV

Labor Day Sunday - CoryV

September 3 2016 - CoryV

August 12 2016 - CoryV

December 27 2016 (bonus) - CoryV


Something cool I found on FB


and now, some random pics.....OLD Set Up

NEW Set Up....


Cosmopolitan OKC

     Always at the hottest venues in OKC! Catch me Friday and Saturday nights at the all new REBAR inside COSMOPOLITAN.  They have so many awesome specialty drinks, VIP sections/service and of course the best 80s, 90s, and mainstream music/videos to be found anywhere! Lots of space on the dancefloor, a center stage for those epic moments, lots of seating, and a super state-of-the-art sound and visual setup.

     Location is everything!  Cosmopolitan is located at 7 Mickey Mantle Drive, in lower Bricktown, Oklahoma City, on the top floor. And speaking of the top floor, our covered, well lit, and fire warmed patio stretches around the club, facing east over the Bricktown Ballpark, and South, overlooking all of lower Bricktown, covering an amazing 3000 square feet.


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Cosmopolitan OKC
The patio is open and the drinks are ice cold.

A sweet picture of me
Rocking the patio when I was at Pink Parrot Bricktown